Peer Support

Nine Sisters Botanicals is now offering peer support for those in mental health, trauma, or grief recovery, as well as for family members of those experiencing addiction or mental health challenges. This service is offered by donation.
*Suggested donation $20-30/hr, no one turned away for lack of funds. Open to trades.*


What is Peer Support?

(*Definitions drawn from Cultivating a New Life Through Community Connections, by Fumiyo Nishimoto)

Peer support is a non-hierarchical practice of giving and receiving help based on a philosophy of respect, shared responsibility, and mutual agreement on what is helpful.

The goal of peer support is to promote holistic healing and growth in the context of community.

Recipients of peer support may include, but are not limited to, people who identify with having mental illness and/or those who have experienced addiction, grief, or traumatic experiences. They also include the family members of people who identify with any of the experiences above.

In order to offer peer support, one must be a peer: this means I am a person who may have had a similar life experience to you.  I have experienced mental health challenges and have experienced life-changing traumas, and I am a family member of numerous individuals who are former recipients of addictions and mental health services. I have also experienced long term complex grief.  Because of my particular lived experiences, I may be able to relate to your experiences in a way that is supportive to you.

What is NOT Peer Support?

Peer support is not clinical treatment, case work, counseling, fixing/problem solving, non-mutual friendships, re-traumatizing, or preaching.


What does Peer Support Involve?

As a peer, I provide:

Care and Empathy

Validation and Acceptance

Advocacy and Support for Health Care Navigation


Cultural Humility and Gender Affirmation

Holistic Wellness Support

As part of our process, we may work together to make a Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) – a personalized strategy for managing mental health symptoms and moving forward in your life.

We also identify community resources to support you in your recovery, and empower you to start developing healthy habits and coping mechanisms to cultivate a holistic sense of wellness, including emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, spiritual, and cultural dimensions.

The most essential part of peer support, however, involves holding space for you to be accepted and heard for who you are, and recognized for what you have experienced and the strength you have to cultivate a balanced life.

Schedule a Session

Schedule a Peer Support session through any of the following options:

Online: Schedule a Short Introductory Phone Call

call or text: 707-992-5323