As an practitioner with training in both Western and Ayurvedic herbalism, I work with individuals to help improve their well being through herbs,  diet, and lifestyle recommendations. In our consultation we will identify imbalance from a holistic, energetic, and physical perspective. My therapeutic approach is to address the root cause of a concern as well as any troublesome symptoms. I deeply value your health priorities and am always focused on cultivating a relationship based on mutual trust.

I welcome folks with a wide range of specific concerns, those looking for small or big steps to take, and those just wanting general health support. You can expect warmth and acceptance no matter where you are coming from or what sort of choices you make in your life, your diet, or otherwise. It is my philosophy to meet people where they are at, and I place deep value in the ethic of harm reduction.

Consultations take place at my home in outer SE Portland.

Please email or call to schedule a complementary 10 minute introduction phone call, during which we can schedule our initial consultation.


In order to make traditional, holistic medicine available to under-served communities, fees for service are assessed on a sliding scale based on family income. Please pay at the highest level you are able, knowing your funds are supporting both your health and that of others in need as well.

 BRIEF Initial Consult, 30-45 minutes: $30-50

IN DEPTH Initial Consult, 1.5 hours: $50-100

Follow-Up Consult, 30-45 minutes: $30-50

For people lacking sufficient resources, I may be able to offer further discounted rates and/or trades. Please reach out and briefly share your story, and we’ll see what we can do!

To schedule your complementary 10 minute introduction call or make a follow-up appointment, please contact me by phone (707) 992 5323 – or by email at



Eastern Sierra Wildflowers

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