Holistic Health Consultations

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Sliding Scale: $50-80 

All wellness consultations last one hour and include:

  • an in-person or phone evaluation based on holistic principles drawn from Ayurveda and Western Herbal practice
  • personalized recommendations for lifestyle, food, and herbal healing
  • a write-up including all recommended recipes and instructions.
  • a few brief check-ins as needed via phone or email to ensure your protocol is proceeding smoothly.

I can provide your herbs, priced at fair market rates. I will work with you to ensure all recommendations fit your lifestyle and budget.

Follow-Up Consultations are recommended to support your progress. They typically take place about once a month.


Fees for my services are self-assessed on a sliding scale.

This means you are invited to pay what you can afford – all payment offerings will be gratefully received. I welcome trades!

I also welcome donations above and beyond the sliding scale. These donations help me provide services to people with low incomes.


I deeply value your health priorities and your self-knowledge, and I am always focused on cultivating a relationship based on mutual trust.

You can expect warmth and acceptance.

It is my philosophy to meet people where they are without judgement.


I strive to maintain an anti-oppression and trauma informed perspective.

I heartily welcome people of color and LGBT+ folks.

I speak some Spanish and warmly invite people who do not speak English as a first language. You’re always welcome to invite a translator, advocate, friend, family member, or other support to join us for our consultation.

Book Now


Night Hawk Art and Healing Collective

 44960 Hwy 101, Laytonville, California 95454

Phone and Video Consultations Available


(707) 992 5323



2 thoughts on “Holistic Health Consultations

  1. Thank you so much for holding an herb walk today at Powell Butte! I found it extremely informative and enjoyable. I sincerely appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge, wisdom and time with us. Thanks again!

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