Herban Resilience Series Registration Deadline Extended to July 13th

We’ve reopened registration through Friday July 13th, and have set a new start date of July 18th! Join us for our weekly series for lively and intimate conversation and hands-on exploration of health, resilience in a time of crisis, community collaboration, and healing with medicinal plants. In a quiet backyard garden setting we’ll touch inContinue reading “Herban Resilience Series Registration Deadline Extended to July 13th”

Closing words from the Allied Media Conference by adrienne maree brown

by adrienne maree brown http://adriennemareebrown.net/ “we claim the power of our outrageous grief our righteous anger our responsibility for our precious lives our interconnected individual and collective joy and our impossible magic we embrace our edges that they may teach us to grow in right relationship to the living world our human messiness our weirdContinue reading “Closing words from the Allied Media Conference by adrienne maree brown”

Tomorrow: Herb Walk at Powell Butte!

Tomorrow is our walk together – it is forecasted to be clear, sunny, and warm, so please dress to protect yourself from sun and bring water. I took a walk here with students on Sunday, and there are so many flowers and herbs to see – it’s an ideal time to take a romp throughContinue reading “Tomorrow: Herb Walk at Powell Butte!”

California Pitcher Sage (Lepichinia calycina) – a vignette

On a visit home to the bay area to wish grandma a great 80th birthday as well as to give my blessings to my best friend’s soon-to-be little baby, I took a walk in the hills above Palo Alto with my sister and her two daughters. I had the great fortune to come across aContinue reading “California Pitcher Sage (Lepichinia calycina) – a vignette”

This Tuesday: Crafting Luscious and Healing Creams

Have you ever been fascinated by the alchemy of creating the perfect body cream? Join us as we demonstrate how to create a luscious rose water and shea body cream that nourishes the skin and delights the senses. All participants will take home a sample of the cream made in class. Pre-registration through EventBrite offeringContinue reading “This Tuesday: Crafting Luscious and Healing Creams”

Tonight! Accessible Herbalism: Having Fun with Powdered Herbs

Class tonight at The Herb Shoppe! Powdered herbs are effective, inexpensive, and easy to use! Together, we’ll prepare a milky coconut ashwagandha beverage, a chai honey paste, and a tumeric ghee using powdered herbs. You’ll get to taste samples in class! This may be just the key to building a sustainable habit of taking yourContinue reading “Tonight! Accessible Herbalism: Having Fun with Powdered Herbs”