Doors Open for the Ayurvedic Psychology and Relationships Training at the Ayurvedic Living School

Folks, I’d like to draw your attention to the opening of the next cohort of the Ayurveda Life Mastery program, called the Ayurvedic Psychology and Relationships Training!

I’ve been a student in this program since the beginning of this year, and the positive changes I’ve experienced in my life are too numerous to list but I’ll share a few here.I’ve been studying herbalism and ayurveda since 2007, and while I’ve learned so much about herbs, healthy lifestyle habits, ayurvedic practices, I’ve never effectively integrated them into my own life over the long term – I tease myself and call myself the “least compliant client”. This program, however, has held my hand through the modern science of behavioral change, focusing on goal setting, habit development, and self-knowledge, in a manner totally backed up by the traditions, philosophy, and science of ayurveda.

Traci provides the information at just the right pace, using repetition, gentle motivation, consistency, in manner accommodating many different learning styles. We use the science of ayurveda to help us assimilate the information we’re learning itself!

In my life, one of my most challenging self-destructive habits is overworking to the point that I sacrifice my own wellness in an attempt to rack up my achievements, which I trick myself into thinking will soothe the anxiety I frequently feel. Despite having a B.S. in biology, and a stack of herb school certificates in my name, I have struggled even to regularly floss my teeth, much less implement all the healing practices I have learned over the years.

Since beginning this program, not only am I flossing my teeth, I’m doing yoga every morning like I’ve always wanted to, I’m eating lunch on time and now I don’t become a spacey asshole every afternoon, I am walking and soaking in the beauty of the elements most days, I’m waking up early and I’m going to bed early. I see my emotional fluctuations in relationship with the physical functions of my body and can take actions to soothe both at the same time, using lifestyle practices and food.

One of the best parts of this program is that we don’t even learn about many herbs until the end – the medicine of how we live our lives is so profound that not only does it prevent disease, but it can also treat disease. Its really rad to center that, with softness and adaptation to the reality we actually live in rather than some idealized utopia that is out of reach.

READ ON to get the full story about the class.

First – Quick details here:

Where: Ayurvedic Living School Online Virtual Campus When: Starts July 1, 2021

Earlybird Discount: $200 OFF by May 28 (Use code: 9SISTERS100) to receive $100 Off at time of registration + an additional $100 refunded to you within 48 business hours

Registration Deadline: June 25

Speak with a Clarity Coach Today:

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Ayurveda Psychology & Relationships Training

The Next Evolution of Personal and Collective Healing is Within…

Calling all serial-givers, multi-passionate healers, yoginis, moms and change-makers, if you’re ready to deeply heal your heart and core relationships and get to the root of many of your life and health imbalances, while receiving the community and one-on-one support you need to take your health, life and career to the next level, this is YOUR PROGRAM.

Join my friend and colleague Traci Webb and her cohort of some of the world’s most potent Feminine Ayurveda Luminaries in this 6-Month Ayurveda Heart, Mind & Relationship Transformation Program which doubles as part 1 of the Ayurvedic Living School’s 12-month Ayurveda Life Mastery Health & Life Coach Training.

It’s one part ayurveda health coach training and one part life and relationships training.

Your Transformation Includes:

Healing Your Heart and Core Relationships

Release the Past to Create Space for Who You’re Becoming

Find Your Voice and Learn to Get Your Needs Met While Respecting Theirs

Discover and Presence Your Authentic Self

Learn Cutting Edge Communication Skills

Create Safety and Set Healthy Boundaries

Become Your Own Best Friend

Step into Self-Confidence

Learn to Be Decisive

Awaken Your Guru Within

Learn Ayurveda & Yoga’s Energetic Psychology Model (to understand your mental/emotional tendencies and how to support yourself and others to heal their emotional/mental imbalances naturally)

Learn Eastern and Western Relational Dynamics to understand the energetics at play in healthy & unhealthy relationships

Create the Depth of Connection You Long For

Learn Cutting Edge Psychology & Coaching Skills

Release What’s Been Blocking You From Receiving the Love You Want

Learn how Ayurveda uses Sensory Therapies for Healing including aromatherapy, color therapy, gemstone therapy, sounds therapy

100% ONLINE TRAINING Includes:

Weekly Videos Lessons & Live Online Class

Monthy Personal Support Sessions with your certified Ayurveda Life Mastery Coach

Bimonthly Communitywide Moon Meditations & Peer Support Circles

Optional Ayurveda Coaching Internship (including client forms, handouts and case study discussions)

In-Depth Program Workbook delivered to your doorstep

Private Supportive FB Community

3-Week Shaktidetox (group guided detox)

Ayurveda Detox Theory (Home-Detox, Panchakarma, Introduction to Vedic Astrology & Vastu Shastra & Group Mari Kondo Month – letting go of the past to create space for the new)

3 Downloadable Seasonal Ayurveda Nutrition & Cooking Classes (15 hours & 30 recipes total)

Aromatic Product Making Immersion

Introduction to Ayurvedic Herbalism

Abundance Builder Workshop

Ayurveda Self-Care & Dharma Visioning Immersion

Ayurveda Assessment Immersion

2021 is your time to receive the kind of ongoing training, personal and community support you need to take your health, life and career to the next level. It’s time to bridge the confusing gap between where you are currently and what you sense is possible for your life.


Where: Ayurvedic Living School Online Virtual Campus

When: Starts July 1, 2021

Earlybird Discount: $200 OFF by May 28 (Use code: 9SISTERS100) to receive $100 Off at time of registration + an additional $100 refunded to you within 48 business hours

Registration Deadline: June 25 Speak with a Clarity Coach Today:

Learn More:

Ayurveda Herbalism Training starts Feb 2nd, online!

Ayurveda Herbalist Training

Starts February 2, 2021 with Traci Webb & Guest Teachers Heal Yourself Naturally & Create a Career as Good for You as It is for the Planet!

🌿Are you ready to heal yourself and others naturally through ancient Ayurvedic herbal wisdom?

🌿Are you ready to take your Ayurvedic Herbal & Body Wisdom to the next level?

🌿Ready to stop the confusion and overwhelm of learning it alone?

Attention all nature-loving wellness pros, parents, yogis, and massage therapists…

* Ayurvedic herbal properties and usages of over 150 ayurvedic herbs

* Heal imbalances naturally in each bodily system

* Learn to source the root cause of imbalances through the special Ayurvedic imbalance mapping system

* Make your own herbal medicines

* Launch your Ayurveda Herbalist career or herbal product line

*Part of our Ayurvedic Practitioner Training

🌿Your Experience:

* Weekly Video Lessons & Live Calls

* Monthly Community Ayurveda Health Clinic Day

* Bimonthly Moon Meditations & Peer Support Circles

Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine Making Immersions

* Monthly one-on-one personal support sessions with your certified Ayurveda Herbalist

* Ayurvedic Herbal Internship (optional): including seeing live clients 1-on-1 and in group format, client intake forms & handouts

* 1-Day  Ayurveda Self-Care Workshop* 3-Day  Ayurveda Assessment Immersion (learn to tell a person’s constitution, systems/organs of weakness, and more, thru face, tongue, pulse)

* 3-Week  Shaktidetox (group guided detox)

* Textbook Delivered to Your Doorstep

* Downloadable Ayurveda Herbal Materia

Become a certified Ayurveda Herbalist in 2021! Claim your spot to heal yourself naturally and launch a career which is as good for you as it is for the planet!


  • Join our gifted teachers with decades of clinical experience and wisdom. Traci is long time student of our beloved Vaidya Mishra whose lineage knowledge she joyfully and respectfully passes on with his permission in all of her programs and trainings. 
  • Dates: Starts February 2  /  Deadline:  January 30
  • Discount Code:  9SISTERS100 (take $100 OFF by January 30)
  • Schedule Discovery Call:  (* MENTION “Nine Sisters Botanicals” during your discovery call to receive $100 course discount and to support NSB)
  • Learn More & Register:

Online Ayurveda Education Opportunities – $100 off for new students

Happy Holidays to you all!
  I am thrilled to share with you info about a couple beautiful online Ayurveda training programs I’ll be assisting my teacher Traci Webb with at the Ayurvedic Living School (formerly the Northwest Institute of Ayurveda).

Ayurveda Health and Life Coach Training
Ayurveda Herbalist Training

(Classes begin in January and February, scroll down for all the details)
New students can get $100 off either program using the coupon code:  9SISTERS100

  Traci is diligent, heartfelt, inspiring, and works hard for her students! All I’ve learned about Ayurveda over the past 12 years began with her and for this I am forever grateful.
  I’ll be a mentor for the Ayurvedic Herbalist Training, providing 1 on 1 consultations for the students and providing guidance as they take on their first clients.

I will also be assisting with live cooking-show style medicine making classes for both programs, where you get the ingredients list ahead of time and get to cook in your kitchen along side us as we make magic together across time (zones) and space!
  I’m super excited because I’ll also be retaking the Ayurvedic Coaching program. She has expanded the program to highlight Ayurveda as a system of holistic mental health support and I’m excited to integrate that into my practice.
  There are a lot of touching student testimonial videos on her website that I really recommend. I know many of the students personally from my time in Arcata and by serving as a mentor to a few of them and I was really moved to hear in depth how this program change their lives.

Scroll below for links and for all the details.
  Feel free to write to me at if you have any questions about the program!.

And don’t forget the coupon code for $100 off!



Learn ancient Ayurvedic Wisdom and Modern Life Coaching Skills and Psychology…  

This program is for change-makers, healers, serial givers, moms and yogis, who are you ready to put themself at the top of their to-do list in 2021. If you’re ready to learn Ayurveda A-Z or are considering a career in ayurveda, coaching, or natural healing, this is YOUR PROGRAM. If you’re ready to anchor into nurturing daily self-care rituals and foods, deepen your relationship with yourself and loved ones, all while getting clear on your life’s purpose, managing your time, and actualizing your deeper dreams – this is YOUR COMMUNITY!   2021 is your time to receive the kind of ongoing personal and community support you need to take your life and career to the next level. It’s time to bridge the confusing gap between where you are currently and what you sense is possible for your life.   Details:


Heal Yourself Naturally using Herbs, Foods and Lifestyle!

Create a Conscious Career You Love in 2021!

Includes Optional Herbal Internship & Case Study Discussions, Free Monthly Ayurveda Herbal Health Sessions & Herbal Medicine Making Immersions…  

This program is for the ayurvedically or herbally curious, nature lovers and healers wanting to learn the ancient step-by-step system of ayurvedic herbalism for getting to the root of imbalances and healing them naturally with herbs, foods and lifestyle medicine.  Program includes optional internship for those wanting to launch a professional career in the ayurvedic and herbal industries. If you’re ready to learn Ayurveda A-Z or are considering a career in ayurveda, herbalis or natural healing, this is YOUR PROGRAM! If you’re ready to receive the kind of ongoing personal and community support you need to take your life and career to the next level – this is YOUR COMMUNITY!  


$108 ‘Solidarity Special’ Consultation Package

WHAT: ‘Solidarity Special’ Consultation Package

COST: $108

You receive three 1-hour consultations (one per month for three months)

That’s just $36 per session!

🌈 Gain insight into how your body is patterned according to Ayurveda.

🕸 Learn how to choose foods, herbs, and activities for yourself that bring balance to your unique constitution and improve your resilience.

🌙 Cultivate vitality, self-love, and self-awareness and incorporate healing routines and herbs into your life.

🌿 All recommendations are tailored to your needs and preferences. I love sharing herbs you can find in your own backyard!

Ch- ch- ch- ch- changes

Our plans and offerings have changed along with the rest of the world, but my commitment to you has not. Please reach out if I can support you during this time, whether that be to learn about the plants that grow in your area that can support the lungs and immunity, whether you need peer support for the emotional disruption that this crisis may bring, or whether you would like a full intake and customized herbal plan made for you. No one turned away for lack of funds. Be well.

Herbal Medicine Retreat

at The Woods in Willits, CA

April 11-12th, 2020

To register, please email:
Space is limited to 12

Join us for an immersive weekend on the land as we seek out plant friends high and low. The fields and forests of the Mendocino interior hills compose a diverse ecosystem, and we’ll create relationships with the plants that thrive here, and learn their edible and medicinal uses.

Learn to identify, harvest, and work with local plants. With love and soulful attention to their health, we’ll harvest plants for herbal medicines and a communal Ayurveda themed supper.

Practice techniques for preparing herbal medicines, including infused oils, herbal pestos, flower essences, and more.

Participate in an evening ritual to honor the land and invite the plant spirits into our lives.

Enjoy communal living at an intimate retreat space with a wood burning sauna and cedar hot tub; cozy beds in shared rooms available, or pitch a tent!

$200 Includes all workshop fees, meals & accommodation.
Participants are welcome to arrive and stay on Friday, April 10th.

To register, please email:
Space is limited to 12.

Selena Rowan’s
work is informed by 13 years of immersion in western herbalism and Ayurveda and 5 years as a community herbalist. Selena balances a university background in biology and botany with a commitment to radical embodiment and connection with the elements, spirit, and the plants.

Hope Najjar is the owner of Night Hawk Art & Healing Collective, a unique space in Laytonville, CA that carries a variety of locally crafted herbal products and empowers community through sharing traditional methods of healing and promoting self-care.

Botany for Gardeners Workshop at School of Adaptive Agriculture


Spring is awakening and perhaps your curiosity about your plant neighbors is awakening as well!

Anyone can learn to identify our local plants with confidence!

At the end of this two-part, 8-hour hands-on workshop at the School of Adaptive Agriculture in Willits, CA, students will be able to:

– Use a plant key to identify California trees and shrubs
– Use field guides effectively
– Identify basic plant parts
– Draw and label basic plant anatomy
– Use online botany resources
– Understand more about plant families.

Students will learn to recognize the Carrot family, will be exposed to Rose, Mint, Aster, and Heath families and will be primed to learn more families on their own

Note: pre-registering helps make this workshop possible! Register early to ensure your spot. Minimum of 5 pre-registrants needed to hold the class.

Last opportunity for consultations until the new year

Hello Beloved Clients,
Next week will the last opportunity to schedule an appointment with me until January 20, 2020. I’ll be accepting appointments through November 16th. Click this link to schedule an in person or phone appointment!

I will be taking time off for a major adventure to India with my partner – we’ll be staying at Amma’s ashram! Visiting India has been a life long dream and I’m thrilled to finally be able to make it a reality.

I look forward to working with you all in the new year. Be well my friends!

Online Botanical Skin Care Course

If you’ve ever wanted to immerse yourself in study of botanical skin care, check out this beautiful online course by The Herbal Academy. I contributed a lesson for this offering and as a whole find it to have lush illustrations, impeccably sourced info, and lots of fun recipes.

✨And plus, if you click on this link and decide to sign up, you’ll be supporting me directly as I’ll receive a small percentage of your tuition, providing essential funds for my work as an herbalist in my remote mountain community.✨

Enroll in the Botanical Skin Care Course with the Herbal Academy