Tonight! Accessible Herbalism: Having Fun with Powdered Herbs

Class tonight at The Herb Shoppe! Powdered herbs are effective, inexpensive, and easy to use! Together, we’ll prepare a milky coconut ashwagandha beverage, a chai honey paste, and a tumeric ghee using powdered herbs. You’ll get to taste samples in class! This may be just the key to building a sustainable habit of taking yourContinue reading “Tonight! Accessible Herbalism: Having Fun with Powdered Herbs”

A Jaunt in the Eastern Columbia River Gorge

We took a long, wet, wandering walk in the hills above the Mosier today, seeking what we wished would be epic fields of wildflowers. What a wonder we wound up in! Beginning our ascent up the hills of basalt, serviceberry and maple blooms at our flanks. Orobanche uniflora – a stunning patch of a thisContinue reading “A Jaunt in the Eastern Columbia River Gorge”

Walking Amongst the Wind and Flowers

The wind whipped our spirits up high, sun and light rain mixing into an electric spring sunshine, filling us with primaveral energy, alternately exhausting and quickening, freezing gales giving way to radiant warmth that filled the bones. We adventured out east through the Columbia river gorge, crossed a bridge dedicated to the gods, and gaveContinue reading “Walking Amongst the Wind and Flowers”

Weedy Herbs to Enliven You! at The Herb Shoppe, Tues April 3rd

Chickweed, dandelion, burdock, and nettles, oh my! Medicine grows all around us – and these weedy herbs are jam-packed with enlivening vitamins and minerals as well as gently cleansing components. After a winter of eating comfort foods and hiding in our houses, it’s time to call upon the herbs of the season to rejuvenate us.Continue reading “Weedy Herbs to Enliven You! at The Herb Shoppe, Tues April 3rd”

Fortify: The Art of Crafting a Mineral Rich Syrup – this Tuesday at The Herb Shoppe!

In celebration of the Spring Equinox, we’ll be gathering to concoct a deeply nourishing mineral-rich syrup. Like the sap rising in the trees, the growing solar energy compels us to rise up and emerge from our hibernation. However, we may still be depleted and groggy after a long hard winter – this potion could beContinue reading “Fortify: The Art of Crafting a Mineral Rich Syrup – this Tuesday at The Herb Shoppe!”

Tonight! Embracing the Wheel of the Year at The Herb Shoppe

Tonight at The Herb Shoppe! Located at 3912 N. Mississippi Ave. Portland, Oregon Spring time is a time of emerging from dampness and darkness. As the sunlight and warmth increases, we may find stirrings of emergence rising within us too! However, after a winter of less activity and heavier foods, you may feel that youContinue reading “Tonight! Embracing the Wheel of the Year at The Herb Shoppe”

Class Postponed Tonight due to Weather

Hi folks – I’m sad to announce, due to uncertain and possibly icy weather conditions tonight, we’ve decided to postpone my class on Herbs to Soothe the Heart at the Herb Shoppe tonight..   Seeing as it’s a class about soothing the heart, I truly don’t want to add any travel anxiety to your lives!Continue reading “Class Postponed Tonight due to Weather”