Online Ayurveda Education Opportunities – $100 off for new students

Happy Holidays to you all!
  I am thrilled to share with you info about a couple beautiful online Ayurveda training programs I’ll be assisting my teacher Traci Webb with at the Ayurvedic Living School (formerly the Northwest Institute of Ayurveda).

Ayurveda Health and Life Coach Training
Ayurveda Herbalist Training

(Classes begin in January and February, scroll down for all the details)
New students can get $100 off either program using the coupon code:  9SISTERS100

  Traci is diligent, heartfelt, inspiring, and works hard for her students! All I’ve learned about Ayurveda over the past 12 years began with her and for this I am forever grateful.
  I’ll be a mentor for the Ayurvedic Herbalist Training, providing 1 on 1 consultations for the students and providing guidance as they take on their first clients.

I will also be assisting with live cooking-show style medicine making classes for both programs, where you get the ingredients list ahead of time and get to cook in your kitchen along side us as we make magic together across time (zones) and space!
  I’m super excited because I’ll also be retaking the Ayurvedic Coaching program. She has expanded the program to highlight Ayurveda as a system of holistic mental health support and I’m excited to integrate that into my practice.
  There are a lot of touching student testimonial videos on her website that I really recommend. I know many of the students personally from my time in Arcata and by serving as a mentor to a few of them and I was really moved to hear in depth how this program change their lives.

Scroll below for links and for all the details.
  Feel free to write to me at if you have any questions about the program!.

And don’t forget the coupon code for $100 off!



Learn ancient Ayurvedic Wisdom and Modern Life Coaching Skills and Psychology…  

This program is for change-makers, healers, serial givers, moms and yogis, who are you ready to put themself at the top of their to-do list in 2021. If you’re ready to learn Ayurveda A-Z or are considering a career in ayurveda, coaching, or natural healing, this is YOUR PROGRAM. If you’re ready to anchor into nurturing daily self-care rituals and foods, deepen your relationship with yourself and loved ones, all while getting clear on your life’s purpose, managing your time, and actualizing your deeper dreams – this is YOUR COMMUNITY!   2021 is your time to receive the kind of ongoing personal and community support you need to take your life and career to the next level. It’s time to bridge the confusing gap between where you are currently and what you sense is possible for your life.   Details:


Heal Yourself Naturally using Herbs, Foods and Lifestyle!

Create a Conscious Career You Love in 2021!

Includes Optional Herbal Internship & Case Study Discussions, Free Monthly Ayurveda Herbal Health Sessions & Herbal Medicine Making Immersions…  

This program is for the ayurvedically or herbally curious, nature lovers and healers wanting to learn the ancient step-by-step system of ayurvedic herbalism for getting to the root of imbalances and healing them naturally with herbs, foods and lifestyle medicine.  Program includes optional internship for those wanting to launch a professional career in the ayurvedic and herbal industries. If you’re ready to learn Ayurveda A-Z or are considering a career in ayurveda, herbalis or natural healing, this is YOUR PROGRAM! If you’re ready to receive the kind of ongoing personal and community support you need to take your life and career to the next level – this is YOUR COMMUNITY!  


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