Botany for Gardeners Workshop at School of Adaptive Agriculture


Spring is awakening and perhaps your curiosity about your plant neighbors is awakening as well!

Anyone can learn to identify our local plants with confidence!

At the end of this two-part, 8-hour hands-on workshop at the School of Adaptive Agriculture in Willits, CA, students will be able to:

– Use a plant key to identify California trees and shrubs
– Use field guides effectively
– Identify basic plant parts
– Draw and label basic plant anatomy
– Use online botany resources
– Understand more about plant families.

Students will learn to recognize the Carrot family, will be exposed to Rose, Mint, Aster, and Heath families and will be primed to learn more families on their own

Note: pre-registering helps make this workshop possible! Register early to ensure your spot. Minimum of 5 pre-registrants needed to hold the class.

Published by Selena Rowan

Herbalist, educator, editor, farmer, botany afficionado

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