Tonight! Embracing the Wheel of the Year at The Herb Shoppe

Tonight at The Herb Shoppe! Located at 3912 N. Mississippi Ave. Portland, Oregon

Spring time is a time of emerging from dampness and darkness. As the sunlight and warmth increases, we may find stirrings of emergence rising within us too! However, after a winter of less activity and heavier foods, you may feel that you lack the energy or clarity to rise to the occasion. Check out our class to learn more about transitioning your body and spirit from a time of hibernation to a time of vibrant growth using practices, diet, and herbs inspired by Ayurveda.

Pre-registration through eventbrite offering sliding scale $10-$30. No one will be turned away for lack of sufficient funds.

Get tickets at Eventbrite

Published by Selena Rowan

Herbalist, educator, editor, farmer, botany afficionado

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