Flowers on the Coast

Angelica archangelica
Salmon Berry – Rubus spectabilis
Rubus spectabilis beginning to fruit
Red Elder – Sambucus racemosa
Fairy Bells – Prosartes smithii
California Buttercup – Ranuculus californicus
Plantain – Plantago spp.
Cow Parsnip – Heracleum spp.
California Bee Balm – Scrophularia spp.
Trillium ovatum
Myrica californica

Published by Selena Rowan

Herbalist, educator, editor, farmer, botany afficionado

2 thoughts on “Flowers on the Coast

  1. awesome pics! do you think you could add a little bit about each of the flowers? are the edible/medicinal etc? I think that'd be really useful!

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